IKEA storage school

An open BOAXEL wardrobe combination revealing hanging and folded clothes, shoes, bags and boxes inside.
A small bedroom with a dressed bed in front of slightly parted curtains covering a wardrobe system.
A stack of five transparent SAMLA boxes filled with clothes and linen, partially covered by a set of cream drapes.
A bedroom with two FREDVANG underbed storage/bedside tables under a bed in front of wardrobes with shoe storage on top.
A FREDVANG underbed storage/bedside table pulled out from under a bed, filled with books and clothes.
A bedroom with a bed in front of a white shelving unit holding books, plants, boxes and other decorations set against a wall.
A red reading lamp clamped to a wooden shelf behind a bed. There is a shelf above covered in plants and one below with books.
A black rail with jeans and other items hanging from hooks above a white VIHALS storage unit holding clothes.
A corner of a bedroom with clothing hanging from a HÖVOLM rack with 6 knobs as well as another wall-mounted rack.
Overview of an open dresser drawer with jewellery stored in NOJIG organisers.
An open drawer with KOMPLEMENT boxes inside housing accessories and fabric items.