A young person holds up a green yoga mat with two hands, showing just the top portion of their face, peeking over the mat.

The DAJLIEN collection Defined by you

A young woman in a green vest holds a training ring in front of her. She is looking through the ring as she trains.
A young woman wearing green training attire exercises while holding weighted rings in each hand.
Portrait of Paulin Machado. The young woman is wearing a shirt and t-shirt. Illuminated lamps hang in the background.
A green trolley filled with the DAJLIEN collection of training equipment, sits underneath a white desk, ready to be rolled out for use.
A man and child each sit on a green training mat in the living room. They are doing stretching exercises.
A person doing yoga is surrounded by small circular weights, a yoga strap and mat, and a speaker..
Akanksha Deo, designer at IKEA of Sweden, set against a blue and white textile backdrop. She looks away from the camera.
An aeriel view of a green topped bamboo training bench/storage box surrounded by training gear. The box reveals more training gear inside.
A young woman in training gear sits on a bench and cools down after her exercise.
The back of a young woman in a yellow training poncho reveals its grey and pink hood.
Two pairs of yellow slippers stand perched against a piece of furniture.
Sarah Fager, Senior Designer, IKEA of Sweden AB.