IKEA storage school

An open cupboard in a bathroom reveals towels, boxes and bottles. In the corner is a ladder and towels hanging from hooks.
A green hallway with a yellow and terracotta PERJOHAN stool and clothes hanging on a coat rail above.
A hallway with grey storage cupboards. Below the window are white storage units for shoes.
White storage units stand nestled under the staircase in a light green hallway.
A hallway with white STÄLL units under the window, two chairs and a grey cupboard.
A green panelled office area with shelves above a trestle desk.
A collection of HÖNSNÄTT desk tidy accessories on a light wood surface.
A wood panelled room with a white storage unit filled with files and books.
A bathroom with a bath. In the window is a plant. Below are towels.
A green UPPDATERA storage container sits on a bathroom vanity unit. It is filled with soaps, shampoos and face cloths.
Open drawers in the bottom of a kitchen island unit reveal a system of waste recycling bins.
In a living room, a JÄTTEBO modular sofa is lifted, revealing its contents. In the background is a window with a verdant view.
A row of low level storage units in beige flank the window of the living room. Cushions and throws allow it to double as a window seat.
The corner of a pale living room. A light blue lampshade hangs over a KVISTBRO storage table, next to a grey sofa.
A wooden wardrobe in a bedroom. The doors are open, revealing hanging wardrobe organisers.
Black BROR shelves stand in an open garage. The shelves are stacked with storage boxes in clear and grey.