A black table surrounded by cream EBBALYCKE chairs, are placed under hanging white TRETTIOEN lamps in a blue and white room.
A close-up of a cream coloured ÅKERNEJLIKA throw with blue and pink embroidery.
A close-up of a corner of a blue and white striped ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion. It has cream ruffles around the edges.
A close-up of the edge of a mustard, black and cream rug with a fringed edge.
A close-up of blue and white floral GLESSTARR bedlinen.
Steel blue
Pale blue
Ochre yellow
Collection of blue and white patterned ENTUSIASM side plates are spread out, with a white porcelain teapot in the centre.
A white shelf attached to a blue and cream wall holds cups and saucers. Two more cups hang from hooks below.
A cream ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion with blue embroidery and cream ruffled edges, stands on a podium, next to a blue cushion.
A collection of round RÅGODLING storage boxes sit on a windowsill. One is stacked and one is open.
Thumbnail portrait of IKEA designer Paulin Machado.
A room with a black metal framed sofa, stacked with cream, blue and oatmeal cushions. A throw hangs from a rack to the side.
A blue room with a bed a cream storage unit with clothes covers hanging.
The corner of an ochre, black and cream patterned rug on a blue and white check floor.
White frames and white framed images of plates hang from and lean against a blue and white wall.