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It’s not plant-based, it’s a base for plants

Help your inner plant parent blossom with HYLLIS shelving unit. This practical storage space is perfect for small spaces indoors or outdoors – and what you grow on it could be added to your plant-based meals.

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Video: A HYLLIS shelving unit with a single white plant pot. A plant is growing up the shelving frame and across the top shelf.
A closeup of a corner section of a HYLLIS shelving unit with a white studio space as the backdrop.
A closeup of a metal joint on the corner section of a HYLLIS shelving unit. A white studio space serves as the backdrop.
A blurred view of part of a leaf with white studio space in the background.
The stem and leaves of a climbing plant curl around the metal frame of a HYLLIS shelving unit.
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Let the sun light up your night

Make your summer nights even more magic with SOLVINDEN solar-powered lighting. No power cables, no worries.

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Video: A SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered lighting chain and SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamps glow in a dark garden setting.
A SOLVINDEN LED lighting chain and three white SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamps hang from tree branches in a lush summer garden.
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Your sweet spot for dreaming

Need a happy place for relaxing? Roll out a cosy rug, add bed linens adorned with vintage floral patterns, and clear away clutter. Now enjoy the bliss.

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GLESSTARR bedding are on a bed. The blue and white floral wallpaper pattern behind the bed is similar to the bedding.
RÅGODLING clothes covers hang in open wardrobes by a bed with GLESSTARR bedding on it. RÅGODLING storage boxes are nearby.
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A smarter way to relax

Whether it’s to monitor doors and windows or offer some soft light for a late-night trip to the loo, you can rest easy knowing our smart home products are always at the ready.

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Video: A person getting ready for bed checks the PARASOLL door/window sensor and IKEA Home smart app to secure all windows are shut.
A VALLHORN wireless motion sensor and PARASOLL door/window sensor on a floor in the centre of everyday bedtime items.
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Several IDALINNEA cushion covers are on a ledge and the floor in a room. Striped wallpaper is in the background.

We’ve got news for you

Ready to give your home a new look? Or looking for a little makeover inspiration? We’ve always got something fresh and new to discover. Whatever you need, IKEA’s the place to go.

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