Panoramic view of a white delivery van navigating a mountainous road in Georgia. A white delivery van navigates a mountainous road in Georgia.

The extra mile

Not even a remote, mountaintop vineyard in Georgia is too far for the team working hard to bring IKEA's well-designed, functional and affordable products to those in countries without an IKEA store.

Scenic view of Georgian mountains in dramatic afternoon light with thick clouds.
Silhouettes of horses on a hill, backdropped with a dramatic sky.
Horses standing close to a remote, mountaintop road in Georgia. Puddles and dramatic clouds allude to a recent storm.
A person stands in a vineyard while taking a video call on his phone. People work on the vines in the background.
Sabine sits working on her laptop. A blue IKEA store is visible through the window behind her.
Overhead view of IKEA International Sales co-workers planning an order together in a warehouse, using a cardboard box as their table.
IKEA International Sales co-workers curating products for an order in an IKEA warehouse.
View from an IKEA warehouse shelf as a co-worker removes a box.
Sabine and two other people stand talking at a port, dressed in helmets and reflective vests. A ship loaded with containers is visible behind them.
A man waves to an approaching delivery truck, with a blue tarpaulin covering the load.
A group of people dining on the terrace of a Georgian vineyard, furnished with IKEA products.