Big in Japan

Illustration of Japan
A graphic image of a bowl of noodles and chopsticks.

Food facts Let's eat

A plate of meatballs with mashed potato, lingonberry jam and peas.
A plate of roast beef, mashed potato, gravy and a tomato.
A plate of vegetable plant-based curry
A bar of milk chocolate
A hotdog against a pink background.

A dish for every occasion

  • A table spread with festive, halloween-inspired food from IKEA Japan.
  • A spread of green matcha desserts from IKEA Japan against a dark backdrop.
  • Spicy food on a table from the Japanese Spicy Food Fair
  • A spread of cheesy dishes from IKEA Japan on a yellow and pink background.
  • Overhead view of a pink surface decked with an assortment of strawberry desserts.
A graphic image of a clock and a lamp

Top products What's in the bag?

Two RÅSKOG trolleys in sage green against a light background
Two ISTAD freezer bags filled with snacks.
A set of BUMERANG clothes hangers.
An EFTERTRÄD t-shirt with bar code
A large blue FRAKTA bag

Fortune favours the functional

A graphic image of two apartment blocks.

Life at home More than a roof and four walls

Two single beds are put together and covered with two duvets and lots of pillows.
Living room area with a sofa, upholstered bench, table and storage unit.
Open plan living room and kitchen area with sink, sofa and units.
Japanese Oshiire open showing storage boxes, wire drawers and table and chairs in front.
A graphic image of a speech bubble saying "Hej!"

Our co-workers Ask the team

Aki a Japanese co-worker, smiles at the camera.

Aki Team Leader, Customer support center

Co-worker Kimiyo sits in front of a black tiled wall

Kimiyo People & Culture Specialist, Service office

Co-worker Ryusuke looks at the camera. He is holding a device.

Ryusuke Sales co-worker, Textiles department

  • What's on your IKEA wishlist right now?
  • Aki

  • Kimiyo

  • Ryusuke

  • What should visitors to Japan do?
  • Aki

  • Kimiyo

  • Ryusuke

  • What do you like most about working for IKEA?
  • Aki

  • Kimiyo

  • Ryusuke

A graphic image of a mobile phone with a heart.

Campaigns #Trending

A night in Shibuya

IKEA Festival from Tokyo

Equality begins at home

  • An icon of a man and woman under a light in a home.

    26% Japan

    77% Global

  • An icon of a businessman and businesswoman shaking hands.

    12% Japan

    61% Global

  • An icon of people around a heart.

    17% Japan

    39% Global

  • An icon of a family sitting in a pair of hands.

    45% Japan

    78% Global

  • An icon of a man
    An icon of a woman
  • An icon of a man and woman in a car, on a road.

    25% Male

    40% Women

  • An icon of a house with a broom, washing and cooking.

    12% Men

    47% Women