A place for everyone and everything

A mix of creativity and keepsakes is the formula for a cosy family home.

A bit about...

Portrait of Cecilia and Cédric's family, standing outside their apartment block.
Shelves with African souvenirs and masks on the wall.
African souvenirs fill a basket on a shelf.
A black panther head sits on a shelf.

Confessions of a collector

Neutral territory

Cecilia and Cédric's living room. A white corner sofa dominates the living room.
A wall covered with graphic black and white art and a unit with ornaments.
Black and white ornaments sit on a windowsill.
Ornaments stand on a white storage unit.
Cecilia sits on the sofa, drawing and smiling.
A spiral staircase with a rattan basket at the foot of the stairs.
Victor is lying down underneath the spiral staircase. He is playing Nintendo.

A home for each of us, for all of us

Room for individuality

Anais in her bedroom. She is painting at her desk.
Anais' room. A lilac chest of drawers with a flamingo to the right and a chair to the left.
A plant in a painted plant pot on a pedestal in Anais' bedroom.
Blue trolley next to Anais' bed. There are soft toys on her bed and a bedside lamp.
Maxime's bedroom has a sofa in the foreground, a workdesk with computer and a bed in the background.
Pictures of manga characters and Keith Haring art hang on the wall, with a black and white sofa in the foreground.
Maxime in his bedroom reading a book in front of his bookshelf.
A blue theme in Victor's room. Furniture is painted blue.
A wooden IVAR storage unit filled with books in Victor's room
Victor plays with a toy in his blue bedroom

A five-minute fika with the family

Small figures sit on a windowsill
Maxime laying on a black and white graphic sofa, reading a book.
Cecilia, Cédric and family stand on the balcony outside their apartment.
Cédric is taking food to the dining table, ready for lunch!