Starting out small in the city

32m² might not sound like much, but this tiny apartment is the perfect size for a busy student with the world on his doorstep.

A gallery wall of photos and posters above a TV bench.
A small dining area with a white, round table and mix of chairs.
Linus stands and smiles in the doorway of his Malmö apartment.
Hoodies in different colours hang from hooks behind a door.

Big idea #1: Two rooms in the space of one

A bed on a plywood platform beside a clothes rail.
Linus opens a door in his bed's plywood base to remove a storage box containing clothes.
Jackets, shirts and scarves hang from a black clothes rail.
Top-down view of white sneakers on a wooden stool.
Linus sits and reads on the sofa in his living area.

Big idea #2: Vertical space to the rescue

Linus leans over to grab something from inside his living room's TV bench.
Baby shoes displayed on a wall as ornaments.
Two orange surfboard fins with a small tin of surf wax.
An IKEA paper bag with the word "SCULPTURE" printed on the front, placed on a windowsill.
A blue jacket hangs from the door of a wardrobe in a small hallway.
A wardrobe in a small hallway, with one door partially open.
A coffee percolator on a gas hob, with cooking ingredients and sauces on the counter beside.
A bright yellow chair at a white round table, with a graphic checkered artwork on the wall behind.
Linus sits and studies at a round, white dining table.
A small vintage side table holds candles and a box of study supplies.
A glass bottle, books and and pot-plant on a windowsill.

Big idea #3: Go with the flow!

A five-minute fika with Linus

Coloured glassware on a coffee table.
A yellow surfboard propped up against a wall.
Linus sits with his laptop at a round, white table.
A clothing rail directly beside a leather sofa in a living room.