A global gathering

The holiday spirit is as much about the home as it is the heart. When the holiday season comes around, Seb and Alex open their home to friends to celebrate a time for togetherness.

A dining area decorated for a festive season celebration.

(Far from) home for the holidays

Close up of two people's hands wrapping gifts at a table.
A person seated at a table cuts pieces of string to tie paper scrolls.
Seb and Alex seated at a dining table wrapping gifts.
A green-painted antique cabinet in the corner of a room.

A prep-ahead feast

A kitchen with yellow-painted cabinets and white tiled walls, with a rail from which cookware and holiday ornaments are hanging.
A cosily lit kitchen corner styled with cutting boards, advent candles, and an assortment of pastries and sweets.
A person standing at a hob and toasting pumpkin seeds in a cast iron pan.
Roasted butternut pieces on an oven tray.
Seb and Alex sit on the front steps outside their home.
A stairway styled with lanterns, candles and an ARAUCARIA pot plant.
Two people hug in a hallway, while other people stand just outside the open door.

Make yourself at home!

Cosy, dimly lit living room with a wide sofa, coffee table decked with candles and flowers, and a paper star hanging in the window in the background.

Let's get the party started!

Aerial view of hands reaching over a coffee table with candles, snacks, drinks and a gingerbread house.
A shelving unit against a wall with African art, ornaments and an orange donut-shaped wall lamp.
A person seated in an armchair leans forward to interact with a black Finnish Lapphund dog.
Alex and Seb seated on a sofa and laughing.
Living room with guests grabbing snacks from a coffee table.

Friendsmas, with all the trimmings

Seb leans over a to serve food to a seated guest.
Overhead view of a dining table with holiday decorations, simple place settings and a large platter with a winter salad.
A table styled with a runner of forest moss, pillar candles and red apples.
A group of seated friends raise their glasses over the table for a toast.
Two people tug on the ends of a golden Christmas cracker.
Seb seated at a dining table wearing a purple paper crown and smiling.
Friends seated at a dining table, with a cake stand of pastries and cookies in focus.
German Christmas cookies on a white plate.
A person seated at a table unwrapping a gift.

These are a few of our favourite things

A group of seated friends gathered around a coffee table in a living room.
A cluster of seven candles in brass candlesticks on a wooden table.
Alex dishes some winter salad from a large ceramic bowl in a light grey-beige colour.
A folded robe, towel, bar of soap and hand-written note stacked in a neat pile at the end of a bed.