Global Refugee Forum 2023 What can we do?

Two IKEA co-workers lean out of a window. They are talking and laughing. One is cropped out of the photo, so only their back can be seen.
A woman in a red chador stands in a field, smiling at the camera.
An aerial view of solar panels powering nearby buildings in a forest clearing.
A man and woman stand in their kitchen smiling. She offers a cup of tea.
A pair of hands embroider a camel on a piece of fabric.
A woman in a floral hijab smiles as she designs.
A group of women stand looking and smiling at the camera. They stand outside. One is holding paper, while another is holding a computer.
A group of people talk and smile while preparing food.
Two women sit on cubes, two people sit on beanbags and a man stands behind. They are all smiling at the camera. One woman is holding a laptop on her lap.