IKEA storage school

A small child opens the draw of a TROFAST storage unit.
A child grabs an item of clothing from the open drawer of a SMÅSTAD storage combination.
A bottom kitchen drawer packed neatly with children's dinnerware and cutlery.
Two children play in a room with green mats on the floor and toys neatly arranged on white shelving on the wall behind.
White living room wall with a mix full height storage solutions for both children and adults.
Bright entrance hall with a pastel orange front door, many different storage units and plenty of colourful toys and and children's clothes.
A sunny living room corner with a children's arts and crafts zone.
A child reaches to grab something from a white NISSAFORS trolley.
Children's desk against a plywood wall, with a SPORTSLIG wall shelf for trophies mounted directly above.
Toys and ornaments displayed inside a BAGGEBO cabinet with glass doors.
Playful children's room with a wall full of art and ornaments and two children's beds placed end to end.
A child plays with soft toys inside a TIGERFINK storage unit.